Monday, September 17, 2012

What A Great Weekend...

What a great way to wind down before the reality of all this treatment kicks in! I really got that feeling this past weekend of how surreal all of this really seems. It's been on my mind for weeks, but now just a day away, the anxiety is pretty evident. It was all just anticipation for the most part, but a different feeling today.

But, just a terrific Sunday at the Shannon Lake Golf Club, a stressless round of golf with Doug Goddard, Don Darling and Ken Ward. I feel like Shannon Lake is kind of a working class club...hard-working, hard-playing folks who are proud of their golf course and proud of the test it has become. I always enjoy watching how much the Members enjoy themselves.

There is a saying, something to the effect that "you should try to enjoy the success of others, so that when you yourself have success, others will enjoy it with you". Plenty of that sentiment at the Shannon Lake Golf Club!

Sep. 16: Gotta love an 8:15am tee time at the Shannon Lake Golf Club. But why do the other three look so much more casual than I do?

That big, blue Okanagan sky just hung itself above us all morning. Perhaps my last round of golf this season, an untidy 75 where I absolutely made nothing out of something. It's a funny game. I love it! And, I love to hate it!

Enjoyed a couple of hours Sunday afternoon on Okanagan Lake with Gay and some friends as well. It's such an amazing view from the water as you travel from the Westbank Yacht Club down to Peachland. I've seen it a million times from the highway, but looking up from the lake provides a wonderful view of what it is that people truly enjoy about this region.

Thanks to Brad and Donna Miller, along with Rick and Sue Speckman for the hospitality.

As many of us around the Shannon Lake GC know, Brad and Rick are pretty much inseparable. I met them both about six or seven years ago while officiating for the Westside Minor Hockey Association. They were veteran referees then, and still are. It was an interesting feeling, the confidence I had on the ice when one or both of them were on the crew.

I don't know why it seems so poignant these days, but I suppose if everyone really took stock of their personal lives, it would be interesting to figure how may true friends we all have. How do you define a "true friend"? Is there a limit? Are we fortunate to have even one or two important people in our lives outside of our families? I'm not certain there is an unlimited supply of true friends.

Also enjoyed a chat with Specky about some things we have in common. Pretty interesting what you learn when you really talk and LISTEN to people. My brother has always suggested that because we have "two ears and one mouth, it is better to listen twice as much as you talk". I haven't always put the idea into practice, but it's a pretty compelling notion, isn't it?

Down to the BC Cancer Agency later on Monday for a consult with a medical oncologist.

Curiously, I understand I am already expected to check-in to KGH early on Tuesday morning. Sounds like I'll be hospitalized for a night or two as things get started. Not looking forward to that, but plenty of reading and sleeping would seem to be on the agenda. The pace around the Golf Shop has always been so fast and upbeat, so the idea of hanging out in a hospital where everyone seems so somber might just be enough to drive me nuts. Part of the battle, I suppose.

Let the fun begin!

More info to come...

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