Saturday, September 8, 2012

The "MASK"...

At the BC Cancer Agency in Kelowna on August 29, we spent about three hours getting settled in for the treatment preparations.

The first hour was all about having a "mask" or "shell" designed, which included a couple of mouthguards. The process was seamless, but some of the images are pretty graphic. Well, gruesome actually!

Some thermal plastic material, which was warm and moist at first, was draped over my face and it hardened over the next 12 minutes.

The mould was used to create the mask. The mask is bolted down over my head during the radiation treatments to prevent my head from moving. Only 35 of those sessions to go, starting September 18!

Good times, eh? And no, I don't get to add my choice of logo on the mask!

These things actually feel like a goalie mask. I've had plenty of experience with goalie masks and catcher's masks during my hockey and baseball days, so it's not something that bothers me. Apparently, there are some folks that do not react well to these things...a claustrophobia thing, I'm told.

More info to come...


  1. You look awesome like Spiderman!

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