Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The "Weighting" Game...

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of this whole adventure is the "waiting"!

And while I've been waiting to get things started, I've been trying to put on some weight! I have battled weight issues for most of my adult life, primarily because I love food and am rather an undisciplined S.O.B. around the dinner table. But, I worked my ass off for most of 2012 to get things under control for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, we went back to Saskatoon in late May to be part of my parent's 50th anniversary celebration. What better motivation than to suck it up and back off from the buffet!

Secondly, between about mid-June and late August, the golf industry is just excruciatingly demanding. The days begin about 4:30am and wind down about 10:00pm. There are just so many daylight hours to cover. And, the volume of play is relative. It's pretty much the "meat" of the golf season in terms of revenue generating opportunities. So, maintaining a high energy level is absolutely crucial. So why not drop a few pounds to make things easier?

In July, 2011 at my annual physical, I checked in at 208 pounds. Not the heaviest I've ever been, but stout enough to feel the burn during those long days during the golf season. A year later, on July 26, I weighed in at my physical at 188 pounds. I'd lost a couple of inches off my waist. At my consultation at the BC Cancer Agency in Kelowna on August 29, I was a healthy 187 pounds...pretty much where I wanted to be when I made the commitment to shape up back in April.

But now, with the prospects of a lengthy regimen of radiation treatments ahead, I've actually been eating like a pig to put on a few extra pounds! I expect that at some point during treatment, I'll experience some challenges relative to being able to eat, but I'm told it's really important I don't lose too much weight.

Confused? too! The "weighting" game!

More to come...

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