Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Few Days Off Now...

Week three is history, five more radiation treatments done!

Big changes though, as it's now an adventure to swallow. Will have to gut it out to get enough calories in the coming weeks. There are a few ways to make this happen.

A short week coming up after the Thanksgiving Weekend, with only four radiation treatments. But, my second bloody chemotherapy treatment is also scheduled. It was supposed happen on Oct. 10, but I was asked if Oct. 11 would be okay due to some overcrowding on the ward at KGH.

I find I feel at my worst late on Fridays and on Saturdays, after the accumulation of the treatments from the week. I'm fine on Mondays and Tuesdays after no treatments on the weekends.

Will keep taking it all a day at a time!

Gay and I appreciate all the emails! Messages coming from far and wide. It's touching, actually. Keep 'em comin'!

I am also very thankful to the folks who have taken the time to drive me into Kelowna and pick me up from time to time. We have been able to coordinate this early in the day when Iride in with Gay and she can drop me off before she heads to work. Thanks again everyone!


#23: Easy here, the "Little General", Ron Lancaster.  I met him a couple of times at golf tournaments when he was coaching in Edmonton during the 1990's. Take about a small guy who played big! An all-time great Saskatchewan Roughrider!

#22: My buddy's parent's address back in Saskatoon, on the same crescent my parents live to this day. "Clarkie" has been back home in recent years, partly to help care for his aging parents. We've been in touch quite a bit these past few weeks. Last we spoke, he was at the Saskatoon International Airport, heading down to Columbia to see some friends. Yeh, he was down there during the earthquake last week and we haven't heard from him. I'm not 100% sure what region he was in. We expect him back in S'toon very soon!

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  1. Hi Glen and Gay - thanks for keeping us up to date with your Posts! I wish there were more Mondays and Tuesdays in your weeks!!!