Friday, December 7, 2012

Another Week In The Books...

There really isn't much to report these days, as I am feeling a helluva a lot better now compared to the early days back in November. So, I'll celebrate that at this point.

Still not a ton of success as far as the recovery of my taste buds. Occasionally I'll sense a faint taste of a spice or something like that, which I find encouraging, but this will be a slow process. We knew this going into treatment. I'm confident the sensations will return, but it will be gradual.

My throat, which has been absolutely shit-kicked over the past three months, seems to be responding pretty well. It still hurts to swallow, but not nearly as intensely as even two weeks ago. I have been able to reduce the frequency of pain meds over the past ten days.

Eating is a bit of a game, so to speak, as I am kind of "picky" about certain things. You see, I have to be very careful to chew things thoroughly, to ensure I pass soft food through my throat. As the lining inside my throat's basically a "burn" that is healing...the new tissue that is growing can be damaged by sharp edges like a crust of bread or an grizzle from a steak. So, if this damage occurs, it kind of creates a vicious circle of healing, then not healing.

I have an appointment on Dec. 13 at the BC Cancer Agency, a follow up with my doctor to see how things are progressing. The entire care team has been very confident throughout my treatment, but I am always the kind of guy that likes to see all of the evidence. I know my blood work has been all over the map, thanks in part to the drug used during chemotherapy. So, I have issues with hemoglobin and platelets...all the things I didn't even know the definition of a few weeks ago. Bottom line is I am working to get things back in line, primarily to boost my immune system. But hey, if feeling better and more energetic means anything, we're probably headed in the right direction!

But, as I write today, perhaps the truly tragic part of the deal is this...I haven't had a drink since mid-September! Why waste a beer or a good glass of wine if I can't taste it? Or, maybe this means the time has come for me to try and stomach some "Two-Buck Chuck", the swill that I hear so many people rave about after a few months in the wonderful southern climate of the USA? thank you...

Awesome...I still do have some "wine snob" in me!

It is also terrific to be back at work on occasion, catching up on things and planning for 2013. So much happened at Shannon Lake over the past few months, and I think there are some nifty plans for next season. It's just nice to be able to pick up the phone and hear the voices of our Members and Shareholders again!

More to come next week...

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  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better, you certainly have the most amazing attitude ever and sense of humor. A gift from mom's side, the Hiltz humor. We are all blessed to have some of that!! Be calm and carry on my brother xo