Monday, December 31, 2012

Well Worth The Wait...

It would be about eight weeks ago, that's when Gay and I decided to throw some caution to the wind and book some flights to the southern USA. It was probably a risky venture at the time, given my health and my state of mind, but it also provided a "goal" of sorts.

And, due to a combination of good fortune, countless blessings, and our joint commitment, we woke up in Phoenix today!
We seem to have good luck flying through Seattle. Of course, Kelowna is one of those cities in Canada from where you generally have to "go somewhere to get somewhere". The quick one-hour flight to SeaTac gets us to the Alaska Airlines hub, so we can get anywhere we like from there.

On the flight from Kelowna, I was "one of those people", adorned with a mask once the cabin door was shut. Maybe it's just my paranoia, after all, my blood counts are pretty good in terms of fighting off any bugs these days. I'm sure many of us have seen people in airports wearing masks, and we have probably wondered if these folks are protecting us from them, or themselves from us. In my case, thoughts of immune deficiency after treatment kind of danced around my mind during the days leading up to our trip.

The game plan is to focus entirely on some R&R down here. Sure, I'd love to play a ton of golf, but I know I'm not physically up to it. I don't see any problems occurring while I play, but recovery is likely to be a bugger. Is a round of golf worth suffering for three or four days? I don't know. Generally I'd say "what the hell" and just go for it, but a cooler head might have to prevail here. 

We are blessed to have re-connected with Dean and Jacquie down here, our friends from Leduc, AB. Coincidentally, they were in Kelowna with their boys during the summer. They arrived to stay with us on the same day I was diagnosed. Gay and I wondered at the time if this might create some discomfort, but we shared the shitty news with them a day later and were actually very relieved to have them with us for a few days. When they put the bug in our ears back in October about meeting them in Phoenix, we wanted to make every effort to make sure it happened.

We'll be off to Palm Springs for a few days to wind up this little trip, which means more airports and rental cars along the way. But for now, we'll just be putting our feet up!

Happy New Year everyone!

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