Sunday, April 21, 2013

Having Things To Look Forward To...

Something I have been able to do over the past year is plan some short trips. It’s a luxury for certain, given the whole illness and treatment scenario. But the idea behind planning these little junkets was to create some things to aim for...something to look forward to.
The latest adventure took me to Las Vegas for three days, where I hooked up with a crew of my golf buddies from Saskatoon. The trip had been in the works since some time back in November, but I didn’t get wind of it until a couple of months ago. The boys were unsure if I even wanted to be invited. When word came, I was kind of unsure if I wanted to try and make it happen. But, with enough air miles available at the time, and Gay's support, it became an easy decision. And what the heck…for a few extra bucks I insured everything just in case I wouldn’t have been able to pull the trigger.
Vegas is a cool place, but I learned a few things on this trip that will also help me moving forward.
1. Laughter is just sooooooo important! Sitting around with eight other guys who have plenty in common is just a hoot. To hear all of the stories about their respective misadventures was really just the tonic for me. To laugh out loud, almost to the point of tears, is something I haven’t done in quite awhile!
2. Two days in a row of golf is absolutely the limit for me. My hips and lower body just are not cooperating enough yet. I’d love to tee it up every day, but there's just no way yet. I have no doubt it's still all about “matter over mind” these days.
3. I can certainly sympathize with folks who struggle when there are smokers on the scene. In fact, cigarette smoke just continues to disgust me. I didn’t like it before I got sick, and I detest it even more today. Interesting how Gay and I have met so many wonderful people over the years…and a common trait within our social circle is that nobody smokes. What a blessing! Or, maybe it has just worked out by design? Anyway, cigarettes and the folks who need them make my clothes stink, make my eyes burn, make my throat hurt, create litter, and generally just piss me off. Vegas is full of this crap, despite what the casinos would like you to believe about air filtration systems.
4. It took me about 12 hours to really begin missing Gay. She and I have kind of a routine in Vegas. We put a lot of miles on our legs. And we don’t mind having a few pops together as we stroll up and down the Strip. The routine is much, much different with a group of nine guys. Good fun for sure, just very different compared to the way Gay and I “do Vegas”.
5. Golf is overpriced in Vegas. It’s not only expensive, I’m just not sure the “value” is there. Actually, everything is overpriced in Vegas, but it’s probably the one place I can think of where business can get away with charging more for less. As consumers…vacationers, we probably actually do it to ourselves, really. When we hang out in Vegas, it can be easy to splurge. I think Sin City sees us coming!
Travel Pains...
The airlines do not owe all fat people any apologies.

I had a window seat on my flight home from Vegas to Seattle. The guy in the middle seat, next to me, checked in at about 5’6" and 290 pounds. Sorry pal, you are never going to find a comfortable economy seat on a 737. And, the folks on either side of you will not be diggin’ the experience either.
I have battled weight problems all of my adult life. In my case, absolutely self-inflicted! Guilty! It has been my fault!
Now, I "get" that there are legitimate health issues that can relate to weight-gain, and I also recognize that we live in a world where over-sensitivity kind of rules the day. The scourge of political correctness, if you will. But here goes...
I watched this clown absolutely debunk every notion I might have accepted about his plight being a health issue. The antics just screamed "attitude". I mean, I'd have given him the benefit of the doubt, until I was forced to deal with the carnage.

Maybe it was the three bags of chips he brought on to the plane with him? Maybe it was watching him cough up $6 for a box of "quality" deli snacks he bought from the flight attendants? Maybe it was the incessant snoring and arm flailing I watched as he appeared to be trying to get comfortable enough for a snooze?
And don't forget, there was another guy in our row on the aisle seat enjoying this entertainment as well.
We hear about issues like this periodically, generally when the left-wing media gets a hold of a story from someone complaining about how they feel the airline industry has done them a bad turn. But I have to wonder; who is it that should be complaining about this stuff? Is it the obese among us? Or, is it those who are inconvenienced by the obese? Will there ever be a solution?
Call me insensitive on this one if you like. Or how about intolerant? I can take the heat. But really, after watching this slob for over two hours on this flight, it became pretty apparent that there are indeed folks not worthy of our sympathy or consideration.
This fella certainly gave new meaning to the phrase; "what happens in Vegas...stays in your mustache".
The Health Side...
Well, I'm certainly healthy enough to bitch and moan!
There has been little or no improvement associated with how dry my mouth is. It's a constant exercise, trying to keep moisture in the mix. Still drinking plenty of water and chewing gum more than I ever have. Talking, heck, just breathing, keeps things dry. Oh well...all things considered, a minor inconvenience, perhaps?
I did get some color in Vegas, plenty of sun. But, I also piled on the sunscreen. The skin on my neck is looking rougher these days as the inflammation/swelling inside continues to reduce.
I feel like I'm making strides in building lower-body strength, but recovery from long walks and exercise is more painful than in the past. My hips and lower back seem to let me know when they are not happy!
I have not gained any significant amount of weight during the past couple of months. Still a svelte 172 pounds. Yeh...just chiseled!
It's great to be home!
Looking forward to summer out here in the sunny Okanagan Valley!

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  1. This is a very funny post! I have your same warped sense of humor I guess, laughing out loud at your airline buddy and the hate of cig smoke with the asthma.