Thursday, September 27, 2012

Another Day, Another Treatment...


#29: Simple here...the date of my birth in November; the 29th. I'll celebrate as hard as I can this year...the big 5 - 0!

As a football fan, (CFL and NFL...I love the "game" first, not necessarily the "league"...) I've celebrated a few birthdays on Grey Cup Sunday!

Nov. 29, 1987: Edmonton 38, Toronto 36. (This is the same day Lee Trevino made the only ace in PGA Skins Game history!)

Nov. 29, 1992: Calgary 24, Winnipeg 10. (Doug Flutie's first Grey Cup win.)

Nov. 29, 2009: Montreal 28, Saskatchewan 27. (Officially the most expensive "game ticket" I have ever purchased at $400. Sat at the 35-yard line at McMahon Stadium in Calgary, nine rows above the Montreal bench. And...had my heart handed to me!)


  1. oh ya I am so bringing my Rider gear to Kelowna, even though they are slightly sucking this year! I have two very bad green wigs, one for me, one for you! Facepaint optional.

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    1. This was the same comment, I think I got so excited about the Riders! Whoops!