Saturday, September 29, 2012

Random Musings...

A couple of weeks in now and still (thankfully) feeling great!

The medical staff continue to prepare me for the worst, the implications of side effects from chemotherapy and radiation.

DENTAL: Picked up a couple of "fluoride trays" this past week. These are actually thin mouth guards that I am supposed to use every day, one for my top teeth and one for my bottom teeth. The idea is to fill each tray with some fluoride gel and place them on my teeth for five minutes. The gel coats my teeth and over time adds to the cleanliness and strength. This process is required every day now during treatment. After treatment, it will be required either for a few more months or the rest of my life. Hmmmm...

NUTRITION: Met with a nutritionist on Thursday and talked about the importance of getting calories into my system during treatment. Losing too much weight is a bad thing, as I am told our bodies begin to kind of shut down and protect organs when this happens. The problem is, the body quits fighting the cancer if significant weight loss occurs. There are lots of ways to add calories, but a "soft" diet is probably part of the future during treatment when it becomes uncomfortable to swallow. I'm being told to shoot for about 2,500 calories a day while I can still each comfortably.

WEIGHT PROGRAM: Started the treatments at 187 pounds and checking in these days at 194. Strangely, this means I'm headed in the right direction...

WHAT DOES THIS ALL COST: The financial tale of the tape does exist with all of this. Interesting how many times the wallet has to come out. I can see how this stuff would be a hardship for some.
$53.00: Parking at BC Cancer Agency for 30 days. (Because the clinic is only open on weekdays, 30 days actually becomes six weeks.)
$190.00: First batch of prescription meds, primarily to aid in controlling nausea from chemo. 
$75.00: Additional "med" supplies, over-the counter, including thermometer, skin creams, laxatives, etc.
$62.00: Fluoride Trays...the mouth guards @ $50, plus pills to prevent dry mouth.
$160.00: Private room at KGH (per night).

PRAIRIE FOLK: My wife's parents are here, splitting time between West Kelowna and Oliver as they enjoy their annual trip from Saskatchewan to  the Okanagan Valley. Kai and Joan celebrated their 50th anniversary last December!

PRAIRIE FOLK - Part Two: My parents arrive on October 12!

READ IT & WEEP: Just finished reading "Feeling of Greatness", a book that tells just about all you need to know about the life and times of Moe Norman. A great read, supplied by Mike Evans, one of the good guys at the Shannon Lake GC!


#28: This is a number I always associate with a date in history...September 28, 1972. This is the day Paul Henderson scored with 34 seconds left in game eight of the Canada/Russia Summit Series that changed hockey. I have scrutinized the history of this series over the past 40 years and still find small, new tidbits. Game eight was televised last week, on Wednesday. I watched it in its entirety. To me, it never gets tired.

#27: The Big "M"! Frank Mahovlich!

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  1. Hi Glen, Larry & I are keeping up with how your treatment is progressing via your blog. Hang in there, continue to stay positive and keep on writing. We'll say our prayers for you. Hi to Gay and Ashley, I know they will help keep you strong.

    Carol & Larry