Sunday, September 23, 2012

Just Ramblin'...

Nice to take a couple of days away from treatment, just to relax a bit. Mind you, I've done a fair bit of that this past week! Boy, do I miss the interaction around the Golf Shop.

Pretty straightforward week coming up. Radiation every day. See a denstist and a nutritionist on Thursday, so interesting to see what input they have. Just part of the program I suppose...

Lots been going on these days, eh?

Nice to see the Kelowna Rockets back in action. Sure, two close losses is disappointing, but at least we've got some good hockey to watch in these parts. While I'm on injured reserve these next few weeks, I have some pretty capable helpers covering my WHL freelance beats!

Sound like some "Fireworks" at Shannon Lake GC last week! Big Vince Skywork managed a deuce on #15! That's a big deal. Nothing like holing out from the fairway! Atta boy, Vince! Must be the new shoes??

I have to say I continue to be amazed at my wife's energy. Gay has been my "go-to-gal" for over 20 years now, and she has always been very driven. A real project coordinator type who loves to work under pressure. I can't just can't get her to slow down these days! So, if anyone has a hint or two, please let me know!!

Special day on Saturday...our daughter's birthday! Ashley is now 25. Yep..."half our age", she says. I guess she knows her math. Gay and I are pretty blessed.

Dedee & Norm Bennett continue to keep me in stitches with their British humor!

The Countdown continues...

#32: My hockey jersey number back in the day when we wore white New York Rangers uniforms. We were the "OV Knights", a team sponsored by the Carling O'Keefe Brewery in Saskatoon.
Picture that white Rangers jersey with the shield from a bottle of OV across our chests! Great linemates back then...Geoff Smith and Dave Fairweather. Takes me back to simpler times and of course, those legendary "stubby" beer bottles!

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