Thursday, September 20, 2012

WTF Just Hit Me...

A little emphatic, eh?

Kind of a tough day, but after a trip into Kelowna and some good advice from a nurse at the clinic, I managed to find some energy heading into this evening.

In the words of my lovely wife, the effects of the chemo treatment have come true. Actually, she said, "so far the promises are coming true!" She's referring to the heads up we received from medical staff prior to the treament. Of course, I figured I'd be the guy to prove them wrong. Didn't quite work out that way.

So, another radiation treatment is also in the books as well. Only 32 to go!

The numbers "countdown" game:

#33: This is easy! It's my parent's address number back on the crescent in Saskatoon. These days, home is definitely where the heart is!


  1. Hang in there Dad <3 Can't wait to see you tonight :)

  2. I was at "33" today, always smells like vanilla and comfort. We were talking about utilities and mail when they are there with you, couple more weeks and we can tough it out together.

  3. Hi Glen - Wow this is a tough time for you. Keep strong!!! Thinking about you lots!!