Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Outa There, Early!...

Finally a couple of radiation treatments in the books. The first two of 35! So, in honor of the countdown, a little numbers game:

#35: This number will always remind me of the "par" on our back nine at the Shannon Lake GC. There are great birdie chances on our back nine...I remember missing a six-footer on #18 for a "29" a couple of years ago. Why does it seem so easy to make bogeys, too? Everyone who plays the SLGC regularly knows that "35" is a great score!

#34: The number worn by hall-of-fame running back George Reed of the Saskatchewan Roughriders! Who wouldn't know this?

On the treatment side, the chemo went well according to the medical staff. It is intensive I suppose, but really quite boring. I probably had four 1-hour naps last night at KGH between 9pm and 7am. Either the machines were beeping, or a fluid bag had to be changed. God love the nursing staff! But geezuz, I'm tired!

So the question begs, if fatigue is a side-effect, is it caused by the "drug" or the lack of sleep? Regardless, I'm glad I slept at home a bit today. I was released about 9:00am. There had been some speculation I'd have to stay put a second night, so we'll call round one a success.

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