Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Welcome To "The Cabin"...

Well, here it is, the image I'm sure the world has been waiting for! Hah!

When I'm taken into "The Cabin" for treatment, I lose my shirt (I could wear a gown, but to hell with it...) and hop on the table. There are a couple of black posts that line up my shoulders; you can see the very top of one of them just above my left shoulder.

Sept. 18: This was the final fitting adjustment for my "mask". Gay was allowed in the room to watch, but had to leave when they fired up the radiation.

The blue strap on my wrists allows me to relax the entire length of my arms, and actually keeps my shoulders stable while I'm on the table.

The mask is fastened by the nurses. They place it over my head, make sure there is no pinching or discomfort, then they tighten it. TIGHT! When this thing is fastened into place, I am going absolutely nowhere!

The table is adjusted up and down, to make sure I'm in the correct position. Call it the "firing line"! Then the nurses leave the room and monitor things by video. It's very quiet during the treatment. Lonely. Comfortable. Peaceful. It's actually a great time to kind of doze off, just to meditate or reflect for a few minutes.

The entire process, start to finish including the radiation, takes about 10-12 minutes. Then, I'm outa there!


#25: Easy daughter Ashley is 25! Hard to believe this angel became part of my life back in 1989. She was 17 months old at the time and I had no clue how I might manage as a father, step-father...whatever the label. We have had battles...geezuz, the kid did spend a few years trying to rule our household as a "teenager"! But these days, Ashley simply continues to amaze Gay and I. She is pretty independent, soft-spoken, and really cares about people and animals. There is compassion in everything she does.

This is a pillow cover designed by Ashley Erickson. She calls it "Just Imagine"
She is a creative, talented artist (click here for details) and frequently shows up at our home with handmade cards to celebrate special occasions. She has seen me at my worst, and at my best. Gay and I are truly blessed!


  1. Awe, thank you Dad. That was so sweet. Yup we've certainly had our share of fights, but we got through it and I think we are closer now because of it. You are the best Dad a girl could ask for. <3