Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Week Three Begins...

I feel a tough week coming on, as the irritation in my throat is increasing. This is a cumulative effect from the radiation, something we anticipated.

Basically, it's like having a sunburn on the "inside" of your throat. Swallowing hurts, which will make eating less appealing. This is also a big reason why the medical staff have been telling us to pound the calories for as long as possible. I can still taste food, which helps, but my taste buds will get hammered over the next few weeks. That'll be special...

I see a doctor today before radiation, so we'll go over this side effect and some strategies to mitigate the discomfort. There are some different rinses I'll be using to kind of numb the sensations in my mouth and throat. It's prescription stuff.

Had a great time Monday at Kelowna Springs with John Jacoby and a couple of pals! I figured my golf was done for the year a couple of weeks ago, but nice to have JJ drag my butt out for the afternoon.

Kelowna Springs is a nifty golf course, a facility I've played many times. I threw on the silliest pair of pants I own and showed up ready to roll! JJ made an eagle on 18, I made birdie...it was enough to win some cash. Now that's team work!
Oct. 1: A little 7-iron on the 13th hole at Kelowna Springs.
Managed to make more birdies than bogeys on the day!


#26: My "ringer board" score at the Shannon Lake Golf Club. This idea has been around forever. You take the best score you've ever made on each hole at the golf course you generally play. I've been playing Shannon Lake for about a decade now.
So, here goes! 22;; 45. That's 26-under par! 

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  1. Love your you tube video, you do look great. The collar is very stylin as well as those pants! You know dad wore that style around 1975 and I was sort of embarrased when he would drop me off at school but I guess he was cool for his generation just not mine! eek