Saturday, October 13, 2012

WTF Just Hit Me: Part 2...

Well, kind of a bugger of a week.

Chemo on Wednesday was fine, the treatment itself is not too invasive really, it's just boring to lay around a hospital room and get up every hour to have a leak. The shitty part of the deal comes afterward...and yes I have been forewarned on both occasions so far.
Firstly, fatigue. This drug is said to attack cancer cells and make them more susceptible to the effects of the radiation. OK, good by me! But what else is it doing to my system? it's a drag to feel so lethargic at a time when I'd love to feel like I have an energy level that is helping me to fight.

Secondly, taste. A thick film pretty much arrives after chem that covers the inside of my mouth. Hard to say exactly what it feels like, but it's annoying. I have been without taste for about two weeks now, but add the effects of this chemo treatment and it's challenging to even get a glass of water down my throat.

Third, range of motion. interesting how the combination of the chemo and the additional fluids tend to puff up my face and make my joints swell. It's hard to bend my knees!

Fourth, hiccups! And how about this beauty, a new experience yesterday that lasted, oh, about eight hours. I guess this is a very real side effect as well. It's kind of funny when I'm trying to talk, and I am trying to keep my sense of ha-ha in all of this, but if you want to feel your chest pound, try about 2,000 hiccups. There are meds to eliminate this side effect, but they bring additional side effects. F***, it never ends!

Before this round of chemo, I read a blog by Shelley Lowes, a young lady in Regina who just completed 16 chemo treatments. Here it is: We Can, With Love
I have never met Shelley, but we have some common acquaintances through our association with the Western Hockey league. Her husband Bob is a scout for the Ottawa Senators. He also has over 450 regular season coaching wins in the WHL, split between the Brandon Wheat Kings and Regina Pats. We are also friends with Gregg Drinnan, a long-time media wag who is cuurentl up in Kamloops with the Daily News.
I figure if Shelley can battle hard through her challenges, with such enthusiam and panache, I can sure as heck summon up the fortitude to do the same thing!

Bob and Marney Huck have been a godsend these past few weeks! Thank you so much! Now that my sister and parents have arrived, they'll be taking over the driving for the most part, which will also get the acquainted with the clinic in Kelowna and this whole treatment process.

#19 / #18: age! Growing up in Saskatchewan, we'd get cracked for ID at the pub and had to prove were 19 years of age. This is why we loved heading west into Alberta at such a young age, because if you were 18 years old, folks would serve you a beer! For us, even getting as far west as Lloydminster did the trick, not to mention road trips to see the Edmonton Oilers! Some legendary hijinx... 

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  1. Hey Glen!
    It's Shelley...thanks for the kind words! As I read your blog I found myself laughing and nodding my head in the "oh yeah, I remember that" fashion! HAHAHA! Who would have thought hiccups would be a blog topic!
    You're on my prayer list....I wish nothing but the best for you and your family. It does get better...really it does! I am now heading into the "prevention of reoccurance" stage of this journey and it feels great! Shelley