Monday, October 15, 2012

Week Five...

Looking forward to a great week here, after a challenging few days over the weekend. Just pretty lethargic to say the least, very little appetite after chemo and also tough to get interested in any fluids.

But, the gals in radiation were right on top of things this morning. What a terrific team they have over there!

Moving forward, I have two choices:
1. Find any and every way to get food and liquid into my system, to give myself a real fighting chance over the next month.
2. Piss and moan about how tough it is to eat and drink, then watch my health really deteriorate.

I like option #1, so I really have to kick myself in the ass this week!

A few "shout-outs" here to folks who have made a huge impact of late:

Dennis and Bev Beyak
Des Donohoe
Jerry and Sonya Pasloski
Jordan Baraniecki

Maurice Breault, Ollie McEvoy and "Big" Al Merrick teamed up to win the annual SLGC Frostbite Scramble with a gross score of 65! Good playin' lads!  Last year, the format was "two-man" teams. This year, a little twist, "three-man" teams.

#16: Hey, I got nothin' here today! Sweet 16 is outa the way. Any thoughts? 

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  1. 16 foods mom and I will prepare for you in the next couple weeks, here it goes
    scrambled eggs, pudding, jello, smoothies, peas, cottage cheese, avacado, chicken soup, ice cream, milkshakes, hummus, prunes (yum), instant breakfast shake, cream of wheat, noodles & applesauce!!!