Friday, November 23, 2012

Plugging Along...

It's been almost three weeks since my last scheduled trip to the BC Cancer Agency in Kelowna, and admittedly, I do not miss the place one bit!

I am thankful for the treatment and amazing commitment of the personnel at the facility, but the daily trips had become drudgery. It was just becoming a huge challenge to muster up the fortitude to go through each session with composure and enthusiasm.

These days, I'm still moving at kind of a snail's pace. It's really been interesting to get used to how food and diet create fuel for my body. Frankly, eating without taste is brutal. And eating with severe pain just doubles the fun!

As a result, I have lost weight, but tipping the scales these days at about 175 pounds is not at all bothersome. The trick has been to find ways to get nutrients into my system. Thank God for multi-vitamins, because fruits and vegetables have not been ingested too frequently in recent weeks. I certainly feel a lower energy level as a result. It sure doesn't hurt to nap for an hour each day.

But, I have gotten back into the swing of things as far as coverage of the WHL. This week, I spoke with Colton Sissons of the Kelowna Rockets, the team captain and a pick of the Nashville Predators at the 2012 NHL Entry Draft.

And today, I was able to interview Morgan Klimchuk of the Regina Pats. Klimchuk is eligible for the 2013 draft. Assistant Coach Josh Dixon was almost on my hit list.

Both features will appear online in the next week or two at I have been the WHL Writer for the site since about 2006.

It sure has been nice to get back into the rink!

Thank You Very Much
In keeping with part of my last post, I want to acknowledge some of our friends from back in the Edmonton area, folks who were important in our lives during our 12 years in Alberta. And they still are...

Dean & Jacquie Heck…For their kindness and understanding during their holiday in Kelowna during July. The best has yet to come!

Tim & Heather Hawkins…For making it a priority to be here during our move from Kelowna to West Kelowna.

Kevin & Sherry Day…Our friends from Edmonton, a couple who figured out early on it was okay to stay in touch without having to talk about cancer.

Norm & Erna Hartfelder…Our neighbors from Leduc who celebrated their 60th anniversary this year. The regular notes and emails have been of great comfort.

Howie Lavers…A fellow “survivor” and a solid hockey guy. His words of encouragement and tales from his real life experience have been timely during this adventure.

Bryan Brook…Another one of the good guys from our days in Leduc. Always a kind word or a silly joke to break the monotony.

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