Saturday, February 23, 2013

One Week At A Time...

I guess the old adage, "one day at a time", made some sense a few months ago. Maybe it still does, but week-to-week seems to work these days.

I have finally been to a couple of WHL games, back into the freelance writing gig. I sure missed the rinks over the course of treatment! I took a spin up to Kamloops on Wednesday to watch Portland play the blazers. The Winterhawks are clearly the class of the entire WHL this season. Sure, every team might be "beatable", but it will take a huge collapse for this team to be overtaken by anyone this season.

Sure, I am a Kelowna Rockets fan at heart, but I do not have an emotional investment in the team's successes or failures. I want them to win because I love what that does for the organization and the city. I am, however, compelled to function as a realist. I have a pretty good feeling that the Rockets have been built for next season.

Spoke with Gregg Drinnan in Kamloops...he's an old friend from my days in Saskatchewan and he is currently the sports editor at the Kamloops Daily News. He is a WHL historian of sorts, a guy we can all depend on for the right information.

Gregg has been tremendously supportive of my battle over the past few months. He is also in the midst of a dandy of his own, as his wife awaits a kidney transplant. He shared some interesting aspects with me regarding the testing protocols associated with finding a match. Suffice to say, patience is of the utmost importance. Gay and I only hope the best for them.

The trip to Kamloops was the highlight of the week for me.

Back home, we are settling into our routine here as Gay and I are keeping busy at work. We are thankful we both enjoy our jobs immensely. I cannot imagine what daily life is like for those who suggest they hate their jobs. I have spoken with many people over the years who emphatically speak to this issue as it relates to their personal circumstance. Whether it's a school teacher so focused on their pension that they can't imagine walking away into a job they might truly enjoy, or just the number of a great people I know who arrive at home from work in a miserable mood every day. I just wonder what motivates people to stay put when they are absolutely hating the drudgery every day.

Of course, because we enjoy our jobs so much, Gay and I know we are truly blessed. Yes, I see this as a "blessing", not just dumb luck.

The Health Side...
No major info to report, other than some signs that the inflammation in my throat may be slowly diminishing. With all of the damage done to normal tissue through treatment, I am not holding my breath waiting for instant improvements. I am certainly okay with taking things slowly. Any notion that things will return to normal quickly is probably a bit of a stretch. This will all just take time. I am not in any pain, I have the energy and strength that I need these days, so the inconveniences are not at all insurmountable.

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